Tigertooth Productions

Tigertooth Productions is a specialist media company filming for Broadcast TV and producing promotional films for the Defence Industry.

Owned by Mark Hewitt, a specialist cameraman, editor and producer with over 20 years service working in major network News and  alongside military and defence organisations.

Trained by the BBC at Wood Norton as a location cameraman, Mark regularly provides freelance cameraman services to the major news networks including BBC, Thomson Reuters & BFBS on a global basis, specialising in working in hostile environments. Assignments have included Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Gaza, Baghdad, Kuridstan, the Syrian/Turkey Border, significant work on stories within Europe and the Middle East including covering the terrorist attacks in France (Nice, Bataclan and Charlie Hebdo) and a number of productions covering the migrant crisis across Europe.


  • BBC Trained Cameramen
  • Industry trained editors
  • Latest Technology
  • Broadcast quality cameras.
  • Extreme Conditions
  • Aerial and Underwater

Drone Filming Specialists

Freelance Shoot Edit

Defence Industry Experts